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K+DCAN USB-ODB Bildiagnostik för BMW bilar

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Artikelnummer: ps-bil-k+dcan
Artikelnummer: ps-bil-k+dcan

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Bildiagnostikverktyg för alla BMW bilar som klarar av att läsa av det mesta i BMW väg.

Med verktyget kommer ni bland annat kunna utföra följande på BMW bilar:

  1. Läsa och radera felkoder
  2. Programmering av drivrutiner
  3. Apply kodning
  4. Adaptationer mm


This Interface allows FULL diagnostic of BMW's build from 1998 - 2013
Some more detailed information:
OBD2 vehicles:
Each and every OBD2 equipped vehicle is supported by this Interface.
There are only two exceptions to this, if you have an older vehicle with both, the OBD2 and the 20pin connector installed the 20pin connector must be used for factory diagnostic since the OBD2 connector will not be fully wired. (This is only the case for a very small number of vehicles manufactured at the time OBD2 became mandatory) The second exception are F series vehicles, this limitation is actually not caused by the Interface but by the older diagnostic software that does not officially support those vehicles.
Older 20pin vehicles:
E39 and up are fully supported as well - however please be aware that you will need an suitable OBD2 to 20pin adapter cable that is not included with this Interface and must be purchased separately

E34/E36/E38 vehicles are only partially supported, you won't be able to access all modules inside them, if you need full access to them please review our OBD/ADS Interface.

Latest F series vehicles:
The interface is still fully compatible with those vehicles, however they are not officially supported by the old Ediabas based diagnostic system / software.

Works with INPA, SSS, Progman and all other Ediabas handler based Software.
( All functions as in Omitec Interface )
The smallest, best looking & highest quality of it's kind.
- Read & erase errors
- Adaptations
- Coding
- Reprogramming
- And others...
Models that require D-CAN:
- E60, E61 after 3/2007
- E83 after 9/2006
- E81, E87 after 3/2007
- E90, E91, E92, E93 after 3/2007
- E70 (New X5)
- R56 (New Mini)
- New F Series
- As well as all other new models...
- Connects to USB (built in 1,5m long USB Cable, creates virtual comport)
- Double K-Line support (See Screenshot) Please also read the backward compatibility Application Note
- High Speed D-CAN and PT-CAN support (500 kbit/s) (See Screenshot)
- Low Speed PT-CAN support (100 kbit/s)
- Battery voltage detection by control line (See Screenshot)
- Ignition voltage detection by control line (See Screenshot)

Mer information

Mer information

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